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    How Technologies Changed Porn and Us

    Pornography has been around since the dawn of mankind. Prehistoric humans drew erotic images on cave walls, ancient Romans and Greeks depicted orgies, and European aristocrats commissioned sex-tinted artworks. Since then, erotic art has moved far beyond nude paintings, to the realms of virtual reality and simulated pleasure.

    With the elimination of taboos, humans have become less restrained in expressing their sexual appetites, and porn studios are quick to invent new methods of delivering pleasure. Today, simulated sex is more accessible than ever thanks to two novelties. read more

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    Technologies Brought into Our Lives by Porn

    This may come as a surprise, but pornographers have often pioneered the adoption of new technologies, many of which are now ubiquitous in our lives. The adult industry has always sought to improve and widen the commercialization of novelties, from internet cash transactions to 3D videos to anti-piracy laws.

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    VR Porn and Artificial Intelligence: Porn of our Future

    Yesterday you watched special editions of porn catalogs and journals. Today you watch favorite porn sites katerina hartlova and think that everything is invented for the erotic world. But tomorrow you use VR-porn – virtual reality videos that make you feel real emotions in the unreal world. What next? Do the creators of VR-porn go forwards and made something which will really surprise both users of porn and other ‘non-porn’ people.

    Meet VR-porn program which uses artificial intelligence! Now the company, that created the popular site RealDoll, have launched a robotic sex company named RealBotix. The company has made a new love doll for fans. Users can attach artificial robotic heads (that are also intelligent) to a silicon body of their choosing. A new app from the company also lets you customize different features of your love doll; personality traits, appearance and so on. read more

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    Porn Conventions And How To Get There

    Today, pornography is a profitable business. With countless studios producing fresh steamy content on a daily basis, the industry is only growing. Like any other type of business, porn professionals arrange their own trade fairs and exhibitions. Here, you may see all your favorite porn stars in the flesh, purchase memorabilia and explore technological novelties made for delivering sexual pleasure.

    The largest event of this kind is called the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), and it is held in Las Vegas annually. This convention and trade show attracts thousands of attendees and pornographers. Here is what this four-day porn adventure promoted as “the world’s largest adult extravaganza” looks like. read more

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    Most Popular Porn Searches

    Porn studios are tirelessly producing fresh content, and new videos appear every day. Today, adult entertainment includes countless genres to satisfy every taste. The famous AVN Award is known as “the Oscars of porn”, recognizes achievements in over 100 nominations. The content is so diverse it seems every conceivable fantasy has already been filmed! The latest statistics on porn-related internet searches show a growing interest of users in kinkier types of intercourse. Here are the top five genres favored by the users of Pornhub in 2018.

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