VR Porn and Artificial Intelligence: Porn of our Future

Yesterday you watched special editions of porn catalogs and journals. Today you watch favorite porn sites katerina hartlova and think that everything is invented for the erotic world. But tomorrow you use VR-porn – virtual reality videos that make you feel real emotions in the unreal world. What next? Do the creators of VR-porn go forwards and made something which will really surprise both users of porn and other ‘non-porn’ people.

Meet VR-porn program which uses artificial intelligence! Now the company, that created the popular site RealDoll, have launched a robotic sex company named RealBotix. The company has made a new love doll for fans. Users can attach artificial robotic heads (that are also intelligent) to a silicon body of their choosing. A new app from the company also lets you customize different features of your love doll; personality traits, appearance and so on.

Now users can get excited about the VR experiences coming soon in the app that allows users to create and interact with their virtual love doll. 10 different personality trait characteristics will be available to choose for your avatar as well. Having the option to choose a different personality will results in different behavior throughout the gameplay making the experience more personal to the user.

Another invention uses developers of Pornhub site. The Pornhub team trained an algorithm based on several thousand commercials and pictures of actors. Now the artificial intelligence is able to recognize faces of up to 10 thousand performers, as well as distribute video into categories. To improve the accuracy of the definition the site for adults invited users to vote for the accuracy of the video descriptions.

Some psychologists claim – the invention and developing of such scales is definitely a bad idea. Imagine a world without real sex and satisfaction. Though, others are sure: real sex will never be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence even if you are able to create a partner of your dream. On their mind, VR-porn with AI gives a chance not to cheat on your loving partner and be reliable.

To conclude we decided to name some pros and cons of VR AI porn:

Unbelievable experience of different sort sex;
A possibility to have sex without cheating on your partner.

It’s for real and can replace real sex;
People can lose their mind and not to differ real and unreal relationships.

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