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Technologies Brought into Our Lives by Porn

This may come as a surprise, but pornographers have often pioneered the adoption of new technologies, many of which are now ubiquitous in our lives. The adult industry has always sought to improve and widen the commercialization of novelties, from internet cash transactions to 3D videos to anti-piracy laws.

Usually, a new product first pushes the technology to locate a market and finds its application in porn. Next, the public perception is then gradually shifted to enable other goods using the technology to go mainstream.

  1. The Internet

Pornographers drove the development of the Internet in its early stages, and they pioneered streaming video. The adult industry also fueled the demand for bandwidth, as its content dominated the flow of graphic material online. Other technologies first adopted by the adult industry include tracking devices and online credit card transactions.

Hence, the systems of online shopping and e-commerce we know today were once introduced and enhanced by porn producers. According to Frederick Lane, the author of “Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age”, “The industry has convincingly demonstrated that consumers are willing to shop online and are willing to use credit cards to make purchases.”  

  1. Haptic technologies

One of the latest innovations is known as “teledildonics”.These gadgets belong to the sphere of haptic (i.e., touch-based) technologies. In essence, this includes special masturbation gadgets that may be synched up with the movements in the porn video.

Such manufacturers as Kiiroo and Lovense are constantly enhancing their products, and the “Twerking Butt”, recently unveiled by Pornhub, has combined synchronizable vibrations with the smooth texture of humanlike cyber skin. The device maintains normal human body temperature, and it looks like a female body part on the inside as well. It has all the curves and texture of a real human vagina.

Another product, RealTouch, is equipped with servomotors and heaters that allow recreating the sensations of a sex scene.

Surprisingly, the field of childbirth offers non-porn application of this porn-driven haptic technology. Huggies has recently presented its so-called “pregnancy belt” that allows an expecting father to feel the baby kicking in the mother’s womb.

  1. VR

Such devices are used in addition to VR headsets. Virtual reality has taken over the world of entertainment, and the adult industry was quick to adopt it. Today, porn videos are more than a flat projection on a screen. Pornography is a truly immersive experience.

A headset blocks all external distractions, allowing the user to explore the virtual world revolving around sexual pleasure. The viewer may now watch their toned avatar body as it is engaged in steamy sex with the hottest porn stars, who are seen in their full-size human scale.

Outside porn VR is being used in gaming and 3D cinema. Medical professionals use simulated surgical environments to train new staff. In psychology, virtual environments are used for therapy and rehabilitation. Virtual headsets also facilitate education and workplace occupational safety and health.

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