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How Technologies Changed Porn and Us

Pornography has been around since the dawn of mankind. Prehistoric humans drew erotic images on cave walls, ancient Romans and Greeks depicted orgies, and European aristocrats commissioned sex-tinted artworks. Since then, erotic art has moved far beyond nude paintings, to the realms of virtual reality and simulated pleasure.

With the elimination of taboos, humans have become less restrained in expressing their sexual appetites, and porn studios are quick to invent new methods of delivering pleasure. Today, simulated sex is more accessible than ever thanks to two novelties.

  1. VR porn

Today, porn is not watched, it is experienced. VR headsets allow porn fans to dive into virtual worlds revolving around sexual pleasure. With a headset on, you may explore the environment around you, as most VR pirn is filmed using a 180- or 360-degree perspective. Now, you have virtual sex with your favorite porn stars, and see them in their full human size. Thanks to VR, porn can now deliver incredibly intense sensations. These are enhanced even further by the use of haptic devices.

  1. Haptic gadgets

One of the latest trends is the spread of so-called “teledildonics”. This field includes masturbation gadgets belonging to haptic (i.e., touch-based) technologies. Modern vibrators may be easily synced up to porn videos, and their vibrations will coincide with the movements of actors.

Such producers as Kiiroo and Lovense have released their own special product lines, and Pornhub has taken teledildonic even further by combining it with Cyberskin. Not only does its “Twerking Butt” sync up, but it also looks and feels like a female butt both outside and inside. The gadget maintains human body temperature, and it has all the curves and texture of a real vagina.

Another product, RealTouch, is equipped with servomotors and heaters that allow recreating the sensations of a sex scene. Japanese manufacturers have even created a full-body sex suit.  Tenga’s “full body virtual interface” for males engages their whole body, sending impulses to all parts of it.

The Effects

The media makes porn addiction look like a real danger. However, some experts still argue with such concerns. Michael Shelton, Master of Science and licensed Professional Counselor, claims such mental health disorder is non-existent. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), which is used by US Mental health professionals, still does not include it. The subject requires more research.

However, what is obvious is that porn speaks to human primal instincts, and its popularity will not wane. Modern technologies have rendered sexual pleasure more accessible. VR-enhanced porn and haptic gadgets make simulated sex feel like real-life intercourse. As the trend is relatively new, its effects on the human psyche remain to be seen.

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