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Porn studios are tirelessly producing fresh content, and new videos appear every day. Today, adult entertainment includes countless genres to satisfy every taste. The famous AVN Award is known as “the Oscars of porn”, recognizes achievements in over 100 nominations. The content is so diverse it seems every conceivable fantasy has already been filmed! The latest statistics on porn-related internet searches show a growing interest of users in kinkier types of intercourse. Here are the top five genres favored by the users of Pornhub in 2018.

  1. Girl-On-Girl

The type of porn tops is the ultimate winner. What may come as a surprise is that not only lesbians watch lesbian porn. Such videos usually show more sensual and gentle types of intercourse, which explains why straight females often prefer it over conventional sex videos. According to the website’s estimates for 2018, female users are also more inclined than men to search for pussy licking, gangbang, romantic and double penetration, as well as bisexual and hardcore.

  1. Japanese

The second most popular type of porn among Pornhub users, it features girls with incredibly smooth skin and innocent-looking beautiful faces. It seems the Western porn lovers are fascinated with Asian sex. In 2018, Japanese porn surpassed Hentai videos by view counts.  

  1. MILF Porn

The abbreviation says it all. It stands for “Mothers I Love To F@%$”. This is the territory of older and experienced ladies that are true cougars. In most scenes, you will see actresses over the age of 30, who may be far more arousing than teenage girls. With their wealth of sex experience, they often teach the intricacies of wild sexual pleasure to their younger and innocent partners. Such videos are reminiscent of those wet horny teacher dreams that so many schoolboys have.

  1. Ebony

This type of porn videos involves at least one person of African descent. Usually, this follows a BBC (big black cock) scenario, with a white female being penetrated by a  huge black dick.

  1. Hentai

Japan is famous for its peculiar views on sex and masturbation. Hentai is a typically Japanese genre, and it refers to everything that is sexually abnormal. The abnormality may be a person, action or state. Generally, these videos show sex scenes in imaginary worlds, emphasizing fantastic situations. Here, you may see girls with penises, demonic lovers or gang rape.

Other Popular Types


Some straight males get aroused from watching women pleasure one another. Such content is also known as transsexual sex or T-girl porn. On Pornhub, this very special genre includes over 15,000 clips. It is more than “Women”, “BBW” and “Bondage” clips combined.


BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman, and the title says it all. Here, the hottest stars are super-curvy plus-sized females. After all, few ladies have slim bodies in real life!


A few years ago, “Fifty Shades of Grey” caused a stir, introducing newbies to the basics of bondage, domination, and sadomasochism. This is an area of physical pain, restrainment, and psychological humiliation. BDSM is a form of extreme sex, as it includes submission and punishment.

Generally, the world of sex is extremely diverse. Humans seek new and dirtier ways of pleasuring, which is confirmed by the statistics. There is nothing wrong about spicing up bedroom time with a few kinky ideas!

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